After the date of graduation, most people cease to consciously place themselves in a position to continually learn new skills they need to meet upcoming opportunities. Many of us have extraordinary groups of friends and find ourselves limiting our conversations to those at social interactions. The goal of Virtue Academy is to bring some sort of formal environment where we can talk about dreams among a confidential group of our closest friends. We will strive to set our personal goals and to hold ourselves accountable to them. We will learn from the greatest leaders in history, thanks to our conversations and audio book syllabus, and apply those new skills to our everyday life.

Zero Bureaucracy
Listen to the books, start a mastermind group and join the forum. That's it. Then hone your skills as a leader.

It is FREE!

There is no charge for Virtue Academy. Our founders believe that education should be the level playing field we all can have, regardless of our financial circumstances. We know the trials and tribulations of being a leader. Our forum and school are here to help you through the rough times and we hope you can help another through in their time of need. It is also to give you a place to learn and interact with other leaders during the good times. We want you to realize that, no matter how tough times seem now, there will be good times if you persevere.

"I am getting more out of these meetings than I did out of any class I have ever taken. They are truly a forum for ideas, creativity and discipline in that many people in the classes have actually reached success in many different facets of life and are willing to discuss their experiences and help me through mine."

-VA Class Member


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What is Virtue Academy?

Virtue Academy is a personal development plan that works. Period. Virtue Academy is school, but not a typical school. There is no campus, there are no credits, there is no tuition and there is no degree. The education you receive through Virtue Academy is not signified by a piece of paper, but by who you become. Virtue Academy is not about knowing a network of people, it is about knowing yourself. The internet has changed the way one may educate them self. We no longer have to deal with the credits, and to the tuition. A leader is simply a self directed individual who is able to self-educate themselves and self-direct their work efforts successfully. The concept of self-education is the basis of a successful life. Once we realize that we, not our teachers, employers or the government, are responsible for our future, we are free. Freedom is not how much money we have in the bank, it is our philosophy. Once we grasp that it is up to us to create the life we want and that we are accountable, our lives changes drastically. When you choose to live this way, you become a leader. You are the exception in society who has the courage to live your dreams, despite the challenges you will face. If you adhere to the course prescribed here, you will embark on an education written by the greatest leaders in history. You will learn the reality of the universal law of cause and effect and great thinking. You will learn why and how to transform that amorphous dream in your head, to a service to society. You will then learn how to deliver that service, to those who need it, as a properly structured business venture. Remember that value is a vacuum where money goes. When you get through your first two semesters of Virtue Academy, you will become a Master of Value Creation, where you actualize dreams into successful ventures quickly and profitably.

Virtue Academy's mission is to bring a practical and proven way for people of all means, to educate themselves and to live their dreams. Why choose to live the life of a leader? Three reasons: 1) There is no better feeling on earth than the feeling of your dream becoming true through service to others. 2) That the basic rules of causality say that the more you sow, the more you will reap, i.e. This is the path to freedom. 3) Dreams are the language of God. When you do your best to live your dreams, you are doing God's work, and there is no better feeling than doing God's work.

How does Virtue Academy do this? There are teachers that teach you to fly, and teachers that clip your wings. Virtue Academy teaches you to fly through this proven syllabus. All successful people can attest that the philosophies brought out by these books will bring you to greatness in your life. All you have to do is listen! We know being a leader is tough and have created a place where you can go to discuss the issues you face. We have removed the bureaucracy and are giving you the tools to contact other leaders directly through a mastermind group and our forum. We know that less than 10% of the population are leaders and know the power when genuine leaders get together.

One of the comments heard by many people is that they do not know what to do. Many times we hear people forcing themselves through undergraduate studies, often at $20,000 or more per year, to 'find themselves.' We agree that there is no better feeling then when one finds what they are meant to do with their life. The idea is to listen to these books, all of which discuss the world of dreams and direction in life, and to formulate your dream(s). Once you have the direction, it is not necessary to 'go back to school.' The internet is the new school where you can find articles, books, blogs, forums and people who are all willing to help you on your journey. One of our members was going to pay $5,000 for a course at a local university on his area of interest and the course was not held due to a lack of people signing up for it. He then looked on line and found a company that did exactly what he needed to learn and paid them under $1,000 to teach him. He used 100% of the information and now has a resource to whom he can go when he has questions for a fee basis. We should pay for services when we use them, that is good business and motivates both parties. The new model of education is finding practical geniuses in your chosen field through search engines and working with those people/companies to further your knowledge and skills on the subject(s). All Virtue Academy does is help you find your direction and give you the confidence to stay on your path.

We recommend that you start a regular, in person, boardroom style mastermind group with a local group of fellow leaders to discuss what you learn from the books. We believe that one becomes the average of their immediate social group and that it is important to surround oneself with people who share and believe in one's dreams and aspirations. This will give you the chance to focus on your public speaking and meeting skills. From there, the concept is simple... keep the conversations about dreams, goals and leadership going. Keep talking positively about living your dreams and help others live theirs. Learn to fly yourself, and be there for others when they need help getting off the ground. That is it. Listen to the books, believe in your dreams, find teachers who can help you and help others do the same. To put it simply, Virtue Academy is a support group for leaders where we discuss and learn the necessary, and often times elusive, attributes of great leadership.

Class success greater than anticipated!

Our trial semester yielded tremendous results. ALL of the members of the New York Metro Area mastermind group met 80% of their goals or more. But, more importantly, found a place to discuss the tough issues, whether they be a part of their life or business. Basically, the group became some of their most trusted friends. The funny phenomenon is that when two leaders (aka, people of substance) meet, they feel like they have known each other their whole life! Here is what one of our members said:

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